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actors access     imdbpro     NYcastings     backstage                                                  Height: 5’2”                   Hair: Brown                             

                                                                                  Eyes: Hazel

                                                                                  Vocal Range: Soprano

                                                                                  Scale: E Major  

                                                                                  Range: C Sharp 2 - C Sharp 6


The Interrogation                    Lead                Independent short 

Pushy Girlfriend                      Lead                Independent Short 

Trouble at Home                     Lead                Independent Short

Crazy Aunt Sandy                  Lead                Independent Short

Wine with Susan                     Lead                Independent Short 

Newscast (Graduate Film)    Anchorperson   Brooklyn College



Dr. Oz Nuke It!                      S 11 Ep 46  air date 11/11/2019    Harpo Prod.

Dr. Oz Man on the Street      S 12 Ep       air date  3/2020          Harpo Prod.

Dr. Oz Man on the Street      S 12 Ep       air date  6/25/2020     Harpo Prod.



Gidion’s Knot                          Corrine            Alchemical Studios

                                                                        (SPS Studios)

THEATRE (representative roles)

Lobby Hero                             Dawn               T. Schreiber Studios

Dinner with Friends                Beth                T. Schreiber Studios

A Taste of Music VII               Ensemble        Walt Whitman Theatre

A Taste of Music VIII with       Ensemble        Walt Whitman Theatre



  • Calleri Studio On Camera Exercise Class level 1, 2 with James Calleri 

  • On Camera master class with Judy Henderson 

  • Kimball Studio On Camera with Dan Puck

  • People’s Improv Theater levels 1, 2, and 3 

  • New York Vocal Coaching – Voice Classes with David McCall

  • Commercial Auditioning with David Cady

  • Commercial Class with Barry Shapiro

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theater:  Brooklyn College 

  • Scene Study: Terry Schreiber Studios with Susan Pilar

  • Voice classes at Brooklyn College with Richard Barrett

  • Movement training from Ruth Finkelstein



Fluent Hebrew, Power Vinyasa Yoga, Attorney, Improvisation, Comedy, Singer (singing styles: musical theater, R&B, pop, jazz, blues) 

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